Mission & Vision

Our purpose is to provide effective channels for cooperative expression of our shared concern for the well-being of the communities in which our member organizations are situated. This cooperative expression includes coming together in intentional partnership to care for those in need in our communities; taking action in relation to social injustice, inequities, and other issues of mutual concern; engaging in regular programming which draws members of diverse communities together; and gathering the wider community together at times of celebration or concern. Active partnership with others is not limited to member organizations or to groups rooted in religious or spiritual tradition, but may include collaboration with neighborhood groups which are humanitarian or philanthropic in nature. We also welcome the financial and volunteer support of individuals who share our concerns and aspirations.

We thus bind ourselves together in association, agreeing to honor our differences in religious and spiritual understanding, polity, ritual, and practice. Inspired by our different faiths and our common values, we seek ways to offer support in times of need. Together we witness to values that heal and repair division in order to create understanding and acceptance of people of every race and ethnicity, nationality and culture, religion, economic circumstance, gender and sexual or gender identity, age and ability.