Anti-Violence Task Force

Anti-Violence Task Force Sub Groups 

Education: Providing education to the community regarding the causes of the violence and related topics including historical oppression and racism, income inequality, trauma, gang activity, evidence-based models of violence prevention, etc. 

Public Health: (description forthcoming)  

Service: Addressing root causes of violence; offering trauma-informed care to those at high risk for violent behaviour, and for community members traumatized by violence. 

Spiritual Care: (description forthcoming)   

Outreach: Engaging the University of Chicago (including the Office of Community Engagement),  the local Chamber of Commerce, local seminaries, public officials, and other resources and networks within Hyde Park/Kenwood; tapping the multitude of resources in our communities to solve deeply rooted problems in Chicago, particularly those that lead to violence. 

Advocacy: Partnering with the broader faith community of Chicago and related initiatives to seek, demand, and allocate resources, especially for surrounding communities in need of more resources, with the goal of helping those at high risk for violence (i.e., to prevent a life of violence).