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With assistance from Tzuming Liao, one of HPKIFC’s council members, we have been engaged in the last few months in helping feed the migrants living in the two Police Stations in our area, District 2 and 3.  While we are blessed so far to have the funds to support this endeavor, numbers at the stations continue to rise. One of our main missions as a council is to do our best to make sure all in our area have access to good nutritious food. Please consider a donation so that we can continue our work so long as the need is still there.


The HPKIFC participated in the 2023 Chicago Parliament of the World’s Religions, August 14-18 at McCormick Place. We hope those who participated in the Parliament of World Religions were inspired!  Our Interfaith Anti-Violence Task Force held a very interesting and well-received panel on Core Causes of Violence.

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The Interfaith Anti-Violence Task Force recently participated in Strides for Peace 2023 Race Against Gun Violence. On the day of the race, several Task Force members participated in the Walk-A-Thon, virtually and in-person.  Collectively the effort met our fundraising goal of $3000! We are very grateful and proud to be in community with those that contributed.


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