Financial Grants & Collaboration Requests

The HPKIFC is now offering grant funding and collaboration opportunities to help serve the Kenwood, Hyde Park, Woodlawn, and greater South Side communities. Please read about these programs below and also learn about our recent community partners and collaboration.  

Grant Requests: 

All congregations, religious and spiritual bodies, organizations, and non-profit groups, and even individuals focusing their work on the South Side of Chicago that share the concerns and values of the HPKIFC are encouraged to contact us and/or apply for a grant. Funds must be used on Chicago’s South Side to: 1) support projects to care for those in need especially around hunger, housing, medical, employment and education needs); or 2) support projects & programs that address social injustice, inequities, and other issues of mutual concern in our community.  Most grants will be between $500-$2000 annually. 

Collaboration and Other Forms of Support: 

This form is to make a formal request to have the Hyde Park & Kenwood Interfaith Council to collaborate/partner with, or provide support for an already existing project/program or to assist in facilitating a new one. This could include, but is not limited to material donations, volunteer support, outreach/advertising, a mutual event, and more! There is no guarantee that we will be able to provide the support or collaboration as requested, but it is our goal to assist in the flourishing of our communities as best as we are able.

 You can access the links to these applications here: 

           Grant Request Form // Collaboration and Other Support Form 

“Our purpose is to provide effective channels for cooperative expression of our shared concern for the wellbeing of the communities in which our member organizations are situated. This cooperative expression includes coming together in intentional partnership to care for those in need in our communities; taking action in relation to social injustice, inequities, and other issues of mutual concern; engaging in regular programming which draws members of diverse communities together; and gathering the wider community together at times of celebration or concern.” – HPKIFC Bylaws

These forms are supposed to assist us in carrying out that mission by partnering with yours!

Please learn about our recent Grant Recipients and/or Collaboration Partners:

From April 2021-April 2022 we supported 9 organizations with small grants totalling $15,164.00 so far. The organizations/initiatives include: 

·        Be The Healing Conference–

·        Woodlawn Greenhouse Collective-First Presbyterian Church

·        “Future of Food” youth farming and nutrition program 

·        Summer Camp T Shirts- Hyde Park Refugee Project

·        Summer Program Youth Classes- Hyde Park Union Church & Southside Baha’i Community

·        SAY THEIR NAMES Initiative- Non:op Open Opera Works

·        Yoga & Wellness Retreat Program- Efflorescence

·        Expanded Programming- Chicago Hip Hop Heritage Museum

·        Community Activism Magazine- Custom Resources