Hyde Park Refugee Project

The Hyde Park Refugee Project is a volunteer run refugee project who currently works with five refugee families around Hyde Park. It was originally started in October 2016 and works with four Syrian refugee families and a Congolese family. Since its inception, the Hyde Park Refugee Project has:

  • Furnished apartments to welcome two families displaced by the Syrian conflict
  • Connected with a Congolese family in the area and formed a relationship with them
  • Recruited more than 70 community members as volunteers who serve in a variety of roles
  • Hosted training sessions for volunteers and community dialogue with expert speakers for places around the United States
  • Started a family-centered English Language Learner program which meets three days a week
  • Some volunteer tasks include English language tutoring, mentoring, homework assistance, job placement assistance, and much more

To learn more about the Hyde Park Refugee Project, please visit their website at: https://hydeparkrefugeeproject.org.