Financial Grants & Collaboration Requests

Read about some of these projects and their reports on their use of grant funding here: 

“Be the Healing” Conference, Organic Oneness

The HPKIFC provided funding for speaker stipends and conference coordination support for the Be the Healing Conference which took place virtually on 4/29/2021 and 4/30/2021. This conference addressed systemic racism, intergenerational and historical trauma, mental health and COVID-19, sexism and xenophobia, and provided improvement strategies through an inspirational and solution-oriented lens for 524 participants, more than doubling their goal. It was designed to enable participants to develop a knowledge base and critical awareness of issues specifically impacting children and youth of color and their families and the skills set to address them. 

Feel free to view their own post-event survey here:

They are preparing for a hopeful in-person conference in the Fall of 2022. 

Please find out more about Organic Oneness and the Be The Healing Conference at:

Woodlawn Greenhouse Collective,  First Presbyterian Church of Chicago

Funding was provided in May of 2021 to support the initial architectural review phase of a greenhouse building project that will serve as an indoor growing and learning space, extending the capacity of local community gardens and enabling food production and education year-round. In total, it is estimated that approximately 10,000 people will be served on an ongoing basis by this project, in a variety of ways. Through this architectural review phase, the First Presbyterian Church was able to conclude that they will be able to restore their currently existing greenhouse structure instead of tearing it down to build a new one. This revelation will prevent a lot of waste and save much time and cost in the rebuilding process. They began the process collecting bids from contractors and looking to complete the restoration over the summer of 2022. 

View Greenhouse Architectural Plans here:

According to the USDA, in Woodlawn, 37% of residents have income below the poverty level, 39% are coping with food insecurity, and more than half the geographical area is a “low food access zone.” Our local community gardens and pantry are crucial for residents to access fresh organic produce. Currently, our food pantry serves about 100 local families per week. A greenhouse will dramatically increase the amount of fresh, organic produce we are able to offer our community. 

In addition to food production, we will use the greenhouse for education programs on how to grow and use the produce we have to offer. The church has an industrial kitchen which will be used for classes on cooking, fermenting, preserving, and more. Census data shows that 51% of children in Woodlawn live in households with incomes below the poverty line. We will partner with schools and youth centers in our area to build programs that serve our community’s children to teach them the skills, joys, and need for sustainability that growing one’s own food provides.

This greenhouse will be designed as a community center that fosters many kinds of connection and growth. In addition to use for agriculture and education, it will be a space for artists and spiritual communities. It will be a space where people gather for community meals and other public events.

Visit First Presbyterian Church of Chicago’s Website

“Future of Food” summer youth farming and nutrition program,

Y2kwanzaa.Org’s intent was to expose 10 youth to the condition of food insecurity in their community and show them examples of people in their community that are actively engaged in work to mitigate food insecurity.  We wanted our youth to see the different approaches to growing food locally and rurally, to gain insight into the science of agriculture and that they can contribute to mitigating food insecurity in their community by helping to build a local food system. We are pleased with the outcomes, because our youth saw working models, acquired valuable information, and had hands on experiences. 

The program is ongoing and currently pursuing grants to continue next year with the expansion of adding permaculture certifications and a weeklong, on the farm, immersion component. 

Hyde Park Refugee Project Children/Youth Summer Camp Program- T Shirts

Funds provided by the HPKIFC were used to purchase T-shirts with HPRP logo for summer campers as well as volunteers, counselors, coordinator, and assistant coordinators to raise awareness of the Hyde Park Refugee Project, the marvelous summer camp that occurs in the community, as well as provide a sense of belonging and togetherness. 

This Free Summer camp for children aged 4-14 English language learners took place between July 5th-30th 2021 and included arts & crafts, educational enrichment on diveristy, science experiments, scavenger hunts, music, dance classes, sports, reading activities, math games, fun Friday activities and more.